A Simple Message: Amen

Do you know what amen actually means?

Amen means “so be it”.

Whenever you finish a prayer with amen- you are declaring in faith that what you prayed for will come to pass.

Sometimes you may be encouraged to say amen when a pastor declares something in his or her sermon. Be careful to only say amen when you want what the pastor said to be true or continue to be true. If you simply want to express your agreement, you will need another word.

Scripture Interpretation (James 3:8) (ASV)

(James 3:8)- but the tongue can no man tame; it is a restless evil, it is full of deadly poison.

Be careful of the words you speak over yourself and others! You are a speaking spirit. Speak out that which you want to see come to fruition!

There are so many phrases that can easily roll off the tongue but are extremely harmful to your overall well-being. Speak what you want to see, not just what you can already see, and speak out God’s plan for your life, not your own (and not anyone else’s). Use the power of spoken word to build yourself up and to build others up. Move mountains in the spiritual realm, but do not move them to crush yourself or others!