Confusion (Faith Poem)

When the boundary markings slide

And the line in the sand

Is blurred

When the obvious choice


We can find ourselves

In confusion


Living our lives

According to the Will of God

Is not always easy

As confusion tries

To draw us away


Pray fervently

Speak thoughtfully

Step carefully

Confusion will be swept aside

And the light of God’s truth

Will shine through

Coronavirus and A New World

Because of the Coronavirus and the courses of action that have been taken because of it, we now live in a new world. Fear and lies are running rampant, and personal freedoms are being constrained to a greater and greater degree.

I urge you to pray for this world! Pray that the light of Heaven will shine through this current darkness, and pray that the eyes of all people will be opened to the truth! Pray that the Will of the Lord will come to pass and that He will restore what the enemy has taken from us and bless us!

We are living in a new world now. Let’s make it a world that is mended and made prosperous through the power of the Lord!