A Simple Message: Amen

Do you know what amen actually means?

Amen means “so be it”.

Whenever you finish a prayer with amen- you are declaring in faith that what you prayed for will come to pass.

Sometimes you may be encouraged to say amen when a pastor declares something in his or her sermon. Be careful to only say amen when you want what the pastor said to be true or continue to be true. If you simply want to express your agreement, you will need another word.

Speak (Faith Poem)

Speak out

Let your voice be heard

Light and life

In every word


The darkness

Of this world

Cannot stop you

Cannot keep you

From speaking with the heart

Of the Father


Choose to speak

Love, not hate

Joy, not anger

Peace, not conflict

Faith, not hopelessness


There is power

In the words you choose

Choose well

And speak out!