Taking Roses from Wolves (Light Poem)

Bright and beautiful

There are roses

Amongst wolves


To reach them,

One must face

The violent pack


Each rose

Has its thorns,

But beyond them

There are wolves



These wolves

Care not for the rose

Their violent intent

Is in their eyes


It takes a brave

And steady soul

To reach the rose

Past the wolves


The thorns of the rose

Burden one not

When you realize

The wolves are the true concern


Rescuing the roses

Saving them

To preserve them with care

A noble and sacrificial aim

A Fire’s Spark (Faith Poem)

This is no place to be

And nothing will set me free

Kept here in the dark

And nothing left but a fire’s spark


Everything has slipped away

More or less in every day

My thoughts fade while darkness stays

Who will set me free?


My chains formed from sorrow 

And my prison formed from pain

But yet a fire’s spark

Still glowing in the dark

Seems to call my name


A voice spoke and said,

” I am a light unto your darkness

A lamp unto your feet

I will guide and you shall follow

Empty your heart and mind ’till hollow

Fill them with Grace, Love, and Light

I am your God, your Savior, your King

Believe and trust in Me

And I will set you free.”