In Everything

Even when times are tough, we have to remember that God is with us in everything. There is no situation too dark, too confusing, too painful, too shameful, too hopeless, too disappointing, too frustrating, or too terrible that God cannot help us walk through and heal us from it.

We need to hold on to this hope. We need to meditate on it and let it reach our hearts. It is truth, it is light, and it is our weapon.

The enemy comes against us, and though his tactics are numerous, none can prevail against the children of the Most High God!

It will get better! You will come out of this stronger! Your Heavenly Father loves you, and I’m praying for you!


-God’s Beloved

Forward (Light Poem)

One step

Then another

Along a path

I did not design


My plans

And my control

Are illusions

There are no

Absolute solutions


Each day will pass

And each

Will be a miracle

As I survive





and Broken


But stronger I arise

Every broken piece


To make me whole


Walking in peace

And in love

Giving of all

That I can


A perfect hope

In an imperfect world

A light

Amidst the great darkness

A Fire’s Spark (Faith Poem)

This is no place to be

And nothing will set me free

Kept here in the dark

And nothing left but a fire’s spark


Everything has slipped away

More or less in every day

My thoughts fade while darkness stays

Who will set me free?


My chains formed from sorrow 

And my prison formed from pain

But yet a fire’s spark

Still glowing in the dark

Seems to call my name


A voice spoke and said,

” I am a light unto your darkness

A lamp unto your feet

I will guide and you shall follow

Empty your heart and mind ’till hollow

Fill them with Grace, Love, and Light

I am your God, your Savior, your King

Believe and trust in Me

And I will set you free.”

Release (Faith Poem)

Lord, I give you this wounded heart

For you to mend

And Lord,

I give you this stubborn pride

For you to bend


Lord, I give you my loneliness

For you to soothe

Lord, I give you this wall

For you to move


Lord, I release it all

Everything that has caused me pain

Everything that has caused me to fall

Let no part of darkness in me remain