New Poetry Form: Evangelic Poems (Light Poems)

I have decided to explore a new direction with my poetry!

Most of the poems that I have written and posted so far are for believers. They are meant to encourage and strengthen Christians in their walk with God.

However, I also have a heart to reach those who do not yet know Christ- and I think that my poetry might be an avenue through which I can evangelize. Going forward, I will be posting a mix of my regular Faith Poems, Mini Faith Poems, and the new Light Poems.

My hope and my prayer is that my poetry will reach the widest audience possible and will bless all who read it.

Poetry (A Faith Poem)

So wrapped up in daily life

Racing to and fro

So consumed with stress and strife

And all the places we have to go


Hardly finding a moment in time

To sit and be quiet

To perhaps craft a rhyme

When life is all

One massive riot


My poems flow from the heart

And from careful thought

That is where I get my start

To glorify the Lord

And lift up others

As I ought