Forward (Light Poem)

One step

Then another

Along a path

I did not design


My plans

And my control

Are illusions

There are no

Absolute solutions


Each day will pass

And each

Will be a miracle

As I survive





and Broken


But stronger I arise

Every broken piece


To make me whole


Walking in peace

And in love

Giving of all

That I can


A perfect hope

In an imperfect world

A light

Amidst the great darkness

Together (Faith Poem)

This is a time

When we want to be


But we need to stay



Know that it is


That separates us

In this time


Speak into each other’s


Even though

Physical distance

Isolates us


We will pray

And praise our God


In the Spirit

As we wait in expectation

Of a better and brighter


The Fire of Love (Faith Poem)

Playing with love

Is like playing with fire


We can feel warm and cozy

But the consequences can be quite dire


Anyone who says that love is a game

Is certainly a dangerous liar


Love is deep

And has roots like thorny briers


It can be very beautiful and grand

Or as dark and confused as a mire


We have the love of God, our Heavenly Father,

And no love is higher


His love is captivating

Like the music of a lyre


We must guard the love in our hearts

And not lightly grant it to the first buyer


But we can deeply love our Lord

And let our love reach heavenward like a spire