Each New Day (Faith Poem)

There is hope and light

In each new day


Even when you can’t

See it

Even when you can’t

Feel it


The Lord wants to bless you

He wants you to prosper


So, know that it is true

Each new day holds hope and light

Even when it seems

Like the hardest fight

Or the darkest night

Christmas (Faith Poem)

Oh day so bright

Near the close of this year


When we celebrate the light

And great joy replaces our fear


We remember the holy sight

When God came so near


A little babe, at a time just right

Was born of a virgin here


Let us hope to hold the might

Of the event so dear

With us throughout the rest of the next year

Release (Faith Poem)

Lord, I give you this wounded heart

For you to mend

And Lord,

I give you this stubborn pride

For you to bend


Lord, I give you my loneliness

For you to soothe

Lord, I give you this wall

For you to move


Lord, I release it all

Everything that has caused me pain

Everything that has caused me to fall

Let no part of darkness in me remain