Poetry (A Faith Poem)

So wrapped up in daily life

Racing to and fro

So consumed with stress and strife

And all the places we have to go


Hardly finding a moment in time

To sit and be quiet

To perhaps craft a rhyme

When life is all

One massive riot


My poems flow from the heart

And from careful thought

That is where I get my start

To glorify the Lord

And lift up others

As I ought

Breathe (Faith Poem)


Breathe life into me

When I am too weak

And when my burdens

Need to be freed



Breathe your strength into me

When I’ve lost my way

And I struggle to see



Breathe your peace into me

Restore my balance

When I’m weak in the knee



Breathe your joy into me

A joy that reaches higher

Than the tallest of trees



Breathe your love into me

So like you

I’ll always be