Can Someone be “Fated” to Go to Hell?

I have heard it said that some people just aren’t going to make it into heaven, so you shouldn’t waste too much of your time on certain individuals. It made me feel a profound sense of horror down to the deepest depths of my soul. Once the shock wore off, I could think more objectively about the topic.

If people walk around believing that some individuals are just “fated” to go to hell, they carry with them a convenient excuse to give up on those who are having a difficult time receiving the gospel. I know that would get the devil’s stamp of approval, but I can’t believe the Lord would approve. I could understand if I received a specific revelation from the Lord about someone and was told (by the Lord) that I am wasting my efforts on (spiritually) deaf ears, but that is the only situation I could stand behind.

We, without specific revelation from the Lord, have no clue whether or not the person we may be ministering to will receive the gospel or not! What if we gave up on someone we (not the Lord) saw as a “lost cause” and the person later endured years and years of darkness and emotional turmoil before another person would try (and succeed through proper spirit-led diligence) to point that person in the direction of the Lord?

In short, I do not put much stock in the “some people are just fated to go to hell” approach, and I will personally do my very best (working with the Holy Spirit of course) to lead people to the Lord. I will not say someone is unsaveable based purely on empirical evidence! Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and rose to life again to save all of mankind! I want as much of mankind celebrating with me in heaven as possible!