Each New Day (Faith Poem)

There is hope and light

In each new day


Even when you can’t

See it

Even when you can’t

Feel it


The Lord wants to bless you

He wants you to prosper


So, know that it is true

Each new day holds hope and light

Even when it seems

Like the hardest fight

Or the darkest night

A Simple Message: Hold on to Hope

In this fallen world, it can be hard to carry the light of Christ.

Sometimes, your circumstances can make you feel that you are all on your own and that nothing really matters.

But remember, one of the most important thing you can do is hold on to hope. Your Heavenly Father loves you and is always with you. He wants you to walk with Him and experience great abundance! So, no matter what you are facing, know that you are a child of the Most High God, and that blessings and prosperity are your inheritance! Speak what you want to see come to pass in your life and claim it as yours (even if you don’t see it yet).

Temptations of Darkness (Faith Poem)


Of the darkness

Come in different forms


Subtle coercion


And conscious choices


The darkness draws us in

To put out our light

For good


Give no place to darkness

The elements of the realm

Of evil


Walk with the Lord

Hear His voice

Hold His hand


Your Heavenly Father

Will draw you near

Silence your fear

And strengthen your light

My God (Faith Poem)

My God

Is more than strong

More than great

More than loving

More than kind


Words cannot

Adequately describe

The greatness

Of my God


I listen for His voice

And He speaks to me

No matter where I am,

He is my guide


Light and life

He gives to me

And when I’m dealing

With overwhelming strife,

He sets me free

Coffee Thought 1/26/2020

The devil is very much real, and he is the enemy of every Christian. His agenda is to destroy you -physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But it is also important for you to know that God is very much real, and He desires for you to be healed– physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Spend some time thinking about the areas of your life that the devil has been tearing down, and pray over them. Your Heavenly Father always hears you, and He will give you direction.