My God (Faith Poem)

My God

Is more than strong

More than great

More than loving

More than kind


Words cannot

Adequately describe

The greatness

Of my God


I listen for His voice

And He speaks to me

No matter where I am,

He is my guide


Light and life

He gives to me

And when I’m dealing

With overwhelming strife,

He sets me free

Confiding in the Lord

Sometimes we can have so much going on in out minds that trying to keep all of out thoughts contained can cause us significant stress. If you have people you can talk to that is great, but sharing your thoughts with the Lord can be very simple and extremely beneficial. Being able to talk with the Lord is particularly nice when you are struggling with thoughts that you know are ridiculous but you just can’t seem to shake. Give these crazy thoughts to God. He will understand, and He won’t judge you.

If you don’t t know how to hear a response from the Lord yet, don’t worry. It will come, and, in the meantime, confiding in your Heavenly Father to release yourself from your mental burdens and to stay close to Him is perfectly fine! The Lord will appreciate any and all of your attempts to grow your relationship with Him.

Hearing the Father and Holy Spirit

It is possible to hear from the Holy Spirit (and the Father) in several different ways, and I have listed the five main ways that I know of below.

(♦) An audible voice

(♦) A voice you hear in your mind (could sound like you or someone else)

(♦) Thoughts

(♦) Feelings

(♦) Dreams/Visions

We were given the Holy Spirit when Jesus ascended into heaven. He is our helper. He can give us direction, comfort, and strength as we go about our lives, but we need to work with Him. We need to make sure we are listening!

If you know how the Holy Spirit and the Lord speak to you, I encourage you that you can hear from the Lord! Don’t let the enemy put doubt into your mind!

If you haven’t been able to hear from the Lord, know that He wants to speak to you! Take another look at the list of ways you can hear from the Lord, and pray for revelation of your communication style!

Please comment with any questions you might have!