Bruises and Scars (Faith Poem)

Why do we hide

Each bruise

And each place

Where we are scarred?


Are we ashamed?

Do we believe that we are marred?


Our Heavenly Father

Wants to heal each bruise

And each scar

The ones on the surface

And the ones inside

That we bury on purpose


Our scars and bruises

Need not define who we are

And they should never

Cause us to be ashamed


While we heal

We need remember

We can walk confidently

In a love that’s real

The love of our Lord

Even when others

Seem to have no love to give

Fear (Faith Poem)

Fear comes to destroy

It comes to confuse

It comes to harm

But the love of God



Fighting fear

Can feel like

Holding an umbrella

Over an ocean



The Lord will help

Silence your fears

He will help

Only love

Reach your ears


There is nothing

In this world

Of which

You need be afraid


Look to the Lord

Seek His aid


He is close to you

He holds you in His hands

Breathe (Faith Poem)


Breathe life into me

When I am too weak

And when my burdens

Need to be freed



Breathe your strength into me

When I’ve lost my way

And I struggle to see



Breathe your peace into me

Restore my balance

When I’m weak in the knee



Breathe your joy into me

A joy that reaches higher

Than the tallest of trees



Breathe your love into me

So like you

I’ll always be