In Everything

Even when times are tough, we have to remember that God is with us in everything. There is no situation too dark, too confusing, too painful, too shameful, too hopeless, too disappointing, too frustrating, or too terrible that God cannot help us walk through and heal us from it.

We need to hold on to this hope. We need to meditate on it and let it reach our hearts. It is truth, it is light, and it is our weapon.

The enemy comes against us, and though his tactics are numerous, none can prevail against the children of the Most High God!

It will get better! You will come out of this stronger! Your Heavenly Father loves you, and I’m praying for you!


-God’s Beloved

Fear (Faith Poem)

Fear comes to destroy

It comes to confuse

It comes to harm

But the love of God



Fighting fear

Can feel like

Holding an umbrella

Over an ocean



The Lord will help

Silence your fears

He will help

Only love

Reach your ears


There is nothing

In this world

Of which

You need be afraid


Look to the Lord

Seek His aid


He is close to you

He holds you in His hands

Let God Be Your Exit Strategy

When you are facing what seems to be an impossible situation, you need to let God be your exit strategy.

There is nothing too complicated for the Lord. He is God of the impossible. The enemy will attempt to come against you in life, and he will also try to convince you that God cannot or will not help you.

By spending time reading the Word, listening to the Holy Spirit, and praying, you can make God your exit strategy in any situation. For any financial problem, health problem, relationship problem, or any other problem you might have- God will have the answer!