Bruises and Scars (Faith Poem)

Why do we hide

Each bruise

And each place

Where we are scarred?


Are we ashamed?

Do we believe that we are marred?


Our Heavenly Father

Wants to heal each bruise

And each scar

The ones on the surface

And the ones inside

That we bury on purpose


Our scars and bruises

Need not define who we are

And they should never

Cause us to be ashamed


While we heal

We need remember

We can walk confidently

In a love that’s real

The love of our Lord

Even when others

Seem to have no love to give

God is There For You

No matter what your circumstance may be, God is there for you.

If you are worried about getting to work on time- pray, and God will make a way. If you are worried about confronting someone- pray, and God will make a way. If you need an increase in your finances- pray, and God will make a way. Even if you think you can handle something “on your own”- pray, and you will be working to ensure the best outcome possible!

God loves you. You are His child, and He wants you to live prosperously with abundance in every area of your life. Reach out to Him, pray in the name of Jesus, and see the mountains in your life move.

Long-Term Bad Habits

If you are trying to break a bad habit that you have struggled with for a long time, know that you can lean upon the Lord. You can talk to Him about what your are feeling and what you need help with. He can give you revelation to help you move in a new direction and strength, patience, peace, and encouragement!

When you are walking out a bad habit, you are like a tree growing in the shade. However, if you determine to work with the Lord to change your life, you begin growing in the direction of the sun (the Lord). Just as the sun gives a tree what it needs to live, the Lord will also supply for all your needs.