Supernatural Healing

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When Jesus bore his stripes on the cross, he took all of our sicknesses, diseases, infirmities, handicaps, aging-related weaknesses (including grey hairs), EVERYTHING!

When God designed us, he designed us perfectly (after His very own image!), and we can live out the promise “nothing missing, nothing broken” (concept comes from meaning of shalom peace in Isaiah 26:3) every day of our lives if we believe and pray in accordance with the promise!

On my blog, I will be posting on the topics of praying for healing, receiving your healing, keeping your healing and other similar items. If this interests you, make sure to visit often and keep an eye on the home page.

There is an amazing healing organization called Healing Rooms Ministries that I would like to talk about.

It is an international organization, and you can go to a location of the Healing Rooms and receive free faith-filled prayer for any emotional or physical problems you may be experiencing. It is a wonderful spiritual weapon, and I hope you will check it out!

This is a link to the main website: Healing Rooms Ministries

On the website you can find Healing Rooms locations near you.

There are several other ministries that take call-in and online submission prayer requests! I have included three of them below.

There is Kenneth Copeland Ministries, where you can call in or submit your prayer request online


There is also Joyce Meyer Ministries where you can request prayer by filling out a short form on their website


And there is Joseph Prince Ministries where you can also fill out a short online form for prayer



Please comment on this page with prayer requests! (Just make sure you are alright with other commentators and visitors knowing what you need prayer for!) I will do my best to respond with a spiritual warfare declaration for you! Also, feel free to share any of your personal supernatural healing experiences!

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