~~~Our Story~~~

Jordan and Emily met under somewhat unusual circumstances, but shortly after, they realized they had each found their missing half.

The story begins with a game. Wordblitz, a fun and competitive word game on Facebook, was something Emily enjoyed to play in her free time. However, she didn’t have a friend who would play against her. As it happened, Jordan had friended her a few months before (as she was a friend of a friend), so she thought she would see if he’d be interested. Before playing this game, they had never really interacted before.

After playing the game a few times, they began talking. And the rest is history…

But history is meant to be recorded!

They played their Facebook game, talked, and grew closer over time until they met for their first date. Looking back, they both agree that they fell in love on that date. Since then, they have had many adventures, a handful of challenges, several opportunities, and numerous relationship milestones.

On April 28th, 2022, Jordan proposed on a romantic fishing trip, and Emily said yes! After careful thought, consideration, and prayer, they decided that they would set the wedding date for about 2 months out!

The date for the big day is set for June 20th, 2022!