~~~Our Dreams~~~

Jordan and Emily are both Christ-centered, loving, enthusiastic, and outgoing individuals!

As they fell in love, Jordan and Emily realized they shared many passions, and they want to pursue those passions as a couple after marriage. They have already enjoyed several adventures together, and they are looking forward to many more in the future. However, they believe financial responsibility honors the Lord and will best prepare them for the days ahead.

The wedding registry will reflect their responsible financial planning and passions, and they wanted you to see just how much joy you will be bringing into their new life by giving through their registry…

Honey-moon Fund

January of next year, Jordan and Emily are planning to take a trip to Greece for their honeymoon! They are currently saving up, but any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Rent Fund

Once they are married, Jordan and Emily will be renting their first apartment! Rent is very expensive these days, and the couple have a fund set up specifically for paying rent every month.


Pet Fund

Jordan and Emily both love animals and have had pets all their lives! They need a fund to adopt a critter of their very own!


Trip Fund

Jordan and Emily enjoy short and interesting trips on the weekends- especially to fun little towns and to the great outdoors.


Car Fund

With as often as they put their vehicles to use, there are bound to be maintenance costs! Starting a car fund will prove to be a wise investment!


Music Fund

Jordan and Emily both love music and play different instruments! A fund for tune-ups and maintenance costs will keep the music playing!