Daily Declarations

I strongly believe in the power of declarations!

Knowing the truth (God’s truth), is good, but it is even better to declare it in your life.

Say I was really hungry, and I went and bought myself a meal. I sit down with my meal and I just look at it. Simply having a meal does not improve my condition, I need to eat it!


Its the same with the truths and promises in the Bible! The devil is the king of this world, and he does not want you to have ANY of what the Lord has for you. You need to declare the promises of the Lord to see them come to pass in your life.

There is great power in the words we speak (see the post “The Power of Your Words” for more information on this). We need to use this power to feed the areas of our life that are “hungry”, whether it is our finances, our relationships, or our emotional or physical conditions.

I will be posting “Daily Declarations” for you to speak over your lives that are biblical and Holy Spirit inspired.

I know that it can be difficult to speak good things when your life is looking bad, but it is one of the most important things you can do.

Your declarations can shape your reality!