Challenging Questions from Holy Spirit

Sometimes the growth of our faith has to come from the inside. I will be posting Holy Spirit-inspired challenging questions for you to ponder and then, a few days later, I will discuss the question that was posed.

The questions that will be asked may challenge you, confound you, and/or perhaps even frighten you a bit. However, the point of these questions is for you to assess your faith and learn.

No one is perfect, and we all have spiritual walls and weaknesses. I want to shine a light on potential weak areas to help you grow stronger.

So, look for the title, “Challenging Question From Holy Spirit: ________” and then its companion post (which will appear about 3 days or so later) which will have the same title but “Part 2” added to the end.

I hope you will be challenged by the questions, and I look forward to seeing comments when the Part 2 of the questions are posted!

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