Speak (Faith Poem)

Speak out

Let your voice be heard

Light and life

In every word


The darkness

Of this world

Cannot stop you

Cannot keep you

From speaking with the heart

Of the Father


Choose to speak

Love, not hate

Joy, not anger

Peace, not conflict

Faith, not hopelessness


There is power

In the words you choose

Choose well

And speak out!

Temptations of Darkness (Faith Poem)


Of the darkness

Come in different forms


Subtle coercion


And conscious choices


The darkness draws us in

To put out our light

For good


Give no place to darkness

The elements of the realm

Of evil


Walk with the Lord

Hear His voice

Hold His hand


Your Heavenly Father

Will draw you near

Silence your fear

And strengthen your light

Another Life (Faith Poem)

Some may believe

They’ve lived a life



They may believe

That they died once

And returned to life

To try again


I know you can live

A new life

When you accept


As your Lord and Savior


When you open your heart

To the Lord

You are born again

And transformed

Into who God created you to be

My God (Faith Poem)

My God

Is more than strong

More than great

More than loving

More than kind


Words cannot

Adequately describe

The greatness

Of my God


I listen for His voice

And He speaks to me

No matter where I am,

He is my guide


Light and life

He gives to me

And when I’m dealing

With overwhelming strife,

He sets me free

Fear (Faith Poem)

Fear comes to destroy

It comes to confuse

It comes to harm

But the love of God



Fighting fear

Can feel like

Holding an umbrella

Over an ocean



The Lord will help

Silence your fears

He will help

Only love

Reach your ears


There is nothing

In this world

Of which

You need be afraid


Look to the Lord

Seek His aid


He is close to you

He holds you in His hands