Day 11- A Day of Review

It’s Day 11 of the 21-Day Mental and Spiritual Health Series!


Today, I encourage you to look over the past 10 posts of this series. I have presented a fair amount of information in the past few days, and I believe that it would be beneficial to devote today’s time to reviewing what has been said and the scriptures that have been listed.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read even one of my posts in this series. I hope you have found truth and encouragement.

I will end today’s post with a poem (as is my typical style of writing for this blog).

Every journey has its start

The journey God calls us to

Will begin in the heart


Though the path ahead

Will twist and turn

We will continue to grow

And continue to learn


We will continue to trust

And continue to hope

We will continue to rest

And continue to love


We will follow the light

That leads the way

And we will find ourselves stronger

Each day

Taking Roses from Wolves (Light Poem)

Bright and beautiful

There are roses

Amongst wolves


To reach them,

One must face

The violent pack


Each rose

Has its thorns,

But beyond them

There are wolves



These wolves

Care not for the rose

Their violent intent

Is in their eyes


It takes a brave

And steady soul

To reach the rose

Past the wolves


The thorns of the rose

Burden one not

When you realize

The wolves are the true concern


Rescuing the roses

Saving them

To preserve them with care

A noble and sacrificial aim

Forward (Light Poem)

One step

Then another

Along a path

I did not design


My plans

And my control

Are illusions

There are no

Absolute solutions


Each day will pass

And each

Will be a miracle

As I survive





and Broken


But stronger I arise

Every broken piece


To make me whole


Walking in peace

And in love

Giving of all

That I can


A perfect hope

In an imperfect world

A light

Amidst the great darkness

A Wasted Breath (Light Poem)

Standing alone

A burning fire

Within the heart

Frustration and anger

Filling the soul


A cry projected

Out to the air

A wasted breath

With no one there


Alone in suffering

Or lost with something missing?

Broken and defeated

Or on the verge of

An uplifting?


Finding something

That had been invisible

Knowing something

That had been unknown


A new purpose

A new understanding

A release

More true

Than a wasted breath

Devoted to God (Faith Poem)

No matter what I face

I will always trust You

I will trust Your strength

And I will trust Your grace


This world cannot break me

Every day is in Your hand

I will walk along the path

That You have planned


I will speak love and life

To reflect Your heart

I will live out Your design

By actively playing my part

Following (Faith Poem)

I must choose to follow

My heart

That’s beating hard in my chest

Or the Spirit

That beckons me

To wait and rest


My heart would have me follow

My urges and desires

But the Spirit

Will guide me

To God’s perfect Will

And His perfect desires


The Lord’s plans are highest

And I will follow His Spirit

My heart will mend

And will learn to be at peace

Confusion (Faith Poem)

When the boundary markings slide

And the line in the sand

Is blurred

When the obvious choice


We can find ourselves

In confusion


Living our lives

According to the Will of God

Is not always easy

As confusion tries

To draw us away


Pray fervently

Speak thoughtfully

Step carefully

Confusion will be swept aside

And the light of God’s truth

Will shine through

Over and Over (Faith Poem)

When the hits come

Over and over

Know that the Lord will provide

Over and over


When you fall down

Over and over

Know that the Lord

Will lift you up

Over and over


There is nothing

In this life

That will ever defeat you

When you walk

With the Lord


Praise Him for His love and His faithfulness

Over and over