Daily Declaration

Nothing in this world

Can come against me

Because my God

Is greater than anything

Of this world!


I will stand in faith

Knowing that God

Holds me in His hands


I will not give in to fear

Or anxiety

Or frustration

Or depression


I will live out

The fruits of the Spirit

And I will prosper

In greater measure

Every day



Daily Declaration

No matter what darkness

I may see throughout the day,

I will rest in the knowledge

That I am held safe

In the Lord’s hands


I am surrounded

By warring and protection angels from Heaven

And every step that I take

Is in the empowering shadow of the cross

Daily Declaration

My sins were washed away

By Jesus’ blood

And I walk in complete healing and wholeness

Because of the lashes Jesus received


I am blessed

I walk in favor, power, and authority

My Heavenly Father fights my battles

And I celebrate knowing that I will see victory!


Daily Declaration

I will live


Without fear

Trusting the Lord

And denying the enemy


I will speak

Blessings over myself

Blessings over others

In line with God’s Word

And with careful thought


I will act

In all of the Fruits of the Spirit

Without greed

Without jealousy

Without vengeance

And as Jesus acted


I am expecting




And close communication with the Lord


Daily Declaration

Today is a new day

Full of opportunity to grow and learn

I expect to see a grand expression of God’s favor,

And I expect to walk in perfect peace and joy


I will choose to bless those who come against me

And I will pray God’s will

I am blessed and highly-favored

And I am a child of the Most High God


No attack of the enemy will succeed

The Lord will protect and provide for me

I will fear no evil

I am held safely in the Lord’s hand!