A Simple Message: Timing

So much of life is affected by timing. Saying the right thing at the right time, being in the right place at the right time, and even thinking the right thing at the right time. Timing is very important, and we can’t always get it right on our own.

However, our God knows the perfect timing for everything.

Listen for His voice, and follow His leading. He can help you navigate life with the best timing!

A Wasted Breath (Light Poem)

Standing alone

A burning fire

Within the heart

Frustration and anger

Filling the soul


A cry projected

Out to the air

A wasted breath

With no one there


Alone in suffering

Or lost with something missing?

Broken and defeated

Or on the verge of

An uplifting?


Finding something

That had been invisible

Knowing something

That had been unknown


A new purpose

A new understanding

A release

More true

Than a wasted breath

New Poetry Form: Evangelic Poems (Light Poems)

I have decided to explore a new direction with my poetry!

Most of the poems that I have written and posted so far are for believers. They are meant to encourage and strengthen Christians in their walk with God.

However, I also have a heart to reach those who do not yet know Christ- and I think that my poetry might be an avenue through which I can evangelize. Going forward, I will be posting a mix of my regular Faith Poems, Mini Faith Poems, and the new Light Poems.

My hope and my prayer is that my poetry will reach the widest audience possible and will bless all who read it.