Coffee Thought 3/15/2020

Anything is possible as long as we walk with the Lord. Here are a few of the things that He can and will do for us…

-Bring us out of even the deepest depression

-Make struggling businesses successful

-Heal us after heartbreak

-Heal our wounds (seen and unseen)

-Protect us from disease (even the Coronavirus)

-Help us repair our relationships

-Give us strength

-Give us peace

-Give us revelation

Anything is possible with the Lord. He loves us, and He wants us to live prosperous lives!

Bruises and Scars (Faith Poem)

Why do we hide

Each bruise

And each place

Where we are scarred?


Are we ashamed?

Do we believe that we are marred?


Our Heavenly Father

Wants to heal each bruise

And each scar

The ones on the surface

And the ones inside

That we bury on purpose


Our scars and bruises

Need not define who we are

And they should never

Cause us to be ashamed


While we heal

We need remember

We can walk confidently

In a love that’s real

The love of our Lord

Even when others

Seem to have no love to give

Coronavirus and Emotional Thinking

As you have probably heard, much of the world is in a state of alarm over an illness called the Coronavirus.

I encourage you to be wary of emotional thinking/decision-making concerning this outbreak. Acting out of emotions like fear, worry, hyper-control, or phobia can be dangerous for your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

I am not telling you to ignore this current trouble, but I am telling you that you can plan and prepare in a calm and logical manner.

I also want you to know that God will take care of you and your loved ones when you walk in the power of His Kingdom and listen closely to Him. He is our Hope, Healing, Peace, and so much more.