When We Leave God Out

It is important to recognize when we are leaving God out of our lives. The enemy wants us as far away from the Lord and His Kingdom as possible, and convincing us that we don’t need the Lord is one of his tactics.

When life is going well and we are keeping busy, it may become difficult to spend time praying, talking with the Lord, and/or reading God’s Word. You may even find yourself actively avoiding those activities.

We need to remember that walking closely with God is the key to living our best life. When we are not walking with Him, we are at the mercy of the enemy. The enemy might be kind to you at first (to get you away from the Lord), but his aim (in the long-run) is always to steal, kill, and destroy!

Are you praying often? Are you talking with the Lord? Are you reading, listening to, or watching encouraging material? All of these things will help you grow spiritually and keep you walking in all of the blessings and prosperity that God wants for you as His child!

Follow the path that the Lord has set for your life.

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