A Simple Message: Hold on to Hope

In this fallen world, it can be hard to carry the light of Christ.

Sometimes, your circumstances can make you feel that you are all on your own and that nothing really matters.

But remember, one of the most important thing you can do is hold on to hope. Your Heavenly Father loves you and is always with you. He wants you to walk with Him and experience great abundance! So, no matter what you are facing, know that you are a child of the Most High God, and that blessings and prosperity are your inheritance! Speak what you want to see come to pass in your life and claim it as yours (even if you don’t see it yet).

Speak (Faith Poem)

Speak out

Let your voice be heard

Light and life

In every word


The darkness

Of this world

Cannot stop you

Cannot keep you

From speaking with the heart

Of the Father


Choose to speak

Love, not hate

Joy, not anger

Peace, not conflict

Faith, not hopelessness


There is power

In the words you choose

Choose well

And speak out!

Temptations of Darkness (Faith Poem)


Of the darkness

Come in different forms


Subtle coercion


And conscious choices


The darkness draws us in

To put out our light

For good


Give no place to darkness

The elements of the realm

Of evil


Walk with the Lord

Hear His voice

Hold His hand


Your Heavenly Father

Will draw you near

Silence your fear

And strengthen your light

When We Leave God Out

It is important to recognize when we are leaving God out of our lives. The enemy wants us as far away from the Lord and His Kingdom as possible, and convincing us that we don’t need the Lord is one of his tactics.

When life is going well and we are keeping busy, it may become difficult to spend time praying, talking with the Lord, and/or reading God’s Word. You may even find yourself actively avoiding those activities.

We need to remember that walking closely with God is the key to living our best life. When we are not walking with Him, we are at the mercy of the enemy. The enemy might be kind to you at first (to get you away from the Lord), but his aim (in the long-run) is always to steal, kill, and destroy!

Are you praying often? Are you talking with the Lord? Are you reading, listening to, or watching encouraging material? All of these things will help you grow spiritually and keep you walking in all of the blessings and prosperity that God wants for you as His child!

Follow the path that the Lord has set for your life.

God is There For You

No matter what your circumstance may be, God is there for you.

If you are worried about getting to work on time- pray, and God will make a way. If you are worried about confronting someone- pray, and God will make a way. If you need an increase in your finances- pray, and God will make a way. Even if you think you can handle something “on your own”- pray, and you will be working to ensure the best outcome possible!

God loves you. You are His child, and He wants you to live prosperously with abundance in every area of your life. Reach out to Him, pray in the name of Jesus, and see the mountains in your life move.

Another Life (Faith Poem)

Some may believe

They’ve lived a life



They may believe

That they died once

And returned to life

To try again


I know you can live

A new life

When you accept


As your Lord and Savior


When you open your heart

To the Lord

You are born again

And transformed

Into who God created you to be