Any Christian Song is Fine Right? Wrong.

I listen to Christian music more than any other kind of music. I really enjoy it, and, with all of the different Christian music genres, I can always find something that I want to listen to. I would encourage everyone to listen to Christian music because it can help to feed your faith and calm your mind and emotions.

When listening or singing along to Christian songs, you have to be careful! It can be easy to listen and/or sing along without thinking about the lyrics that are being played. As odd as it may sound, there are some Christian songs that you should not listen to. They are deceptive, but the lyrics can have you confessing bad things over your life, and some songs can create an atmosphere of depression and hopelessness instead of joy, hope, and light.

So, be careful with the Christian music you listen to. Make sure you believe in the lyrics that you are hearing and singing!

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