Why is There Suffering?

I heard that a unsaved person once asked an acquaintance of mine why there is suffering in this world if a great, benevolent God truly does exist. I cringe when I think about it because I am sure that is an extremely common stumbling block for people in the path to receiving the gospel. It is also a gross oversimplification of the situation.

The enemy (the devil) is king of this world, and he loves for people to suffer. Is vital to understand that we (believers) have the power and authority to defeat the devil and all of his plots and plans! If we do not know of our power or and do not put it into action, we will continue to see and experience great suffering.

When Jesus died on the cross and rose again in three days, He gave us the Keys of the Kingdom- spiritual power and authority! We can use this power and authority to defeat the enemy and to bring what God wants for us into our lives. We need to speak what we want to see happen in the name of Jesus to unbind the Lord’s hands so he can send the resources of heaven into action!

So, when you think of the suffering taking place in the world, know that it is not God you should be angry with, but the enemy. The enemy is the one causing all of the horrible things that we see, and he encourages the ignorance that keeps people from knowing the power they can wield when they accept the Lord into their heart and believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

When people are ignorant of who they are in Christ, they are heirs and heiresses to the greatest kingdom who are living in poverty because their birth certificate has been hidden away by the devil!

Know that you can make a difference in this world! The words you speak, the actions you take, and the prayers that you declare can make an incredible impact when you walk closely with your Heavenly Father!

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