Seasonal Sickness

When seasonal sicknesses are raging and people are falling ill left and right, we blame the spread of the illness on the illness itself and the people who carry it. However, there is one element that is overlooked, and, for the most part, ignored. That would be the negative confessions that typically accompany spreading illnesses.

I often mention the great power that is released by the words that we speak. This power can bring both good and evil into our lives (and the lives of others). When we confess negative things we can cause those negative things to become a reality! Even saying something as simple as “It’s _____ season” can put into motion significant consequences.

When we speak evil, we give power to the enemy’s plans. The devil wants us sick and weak, so when we confess negative things about illness, he celebrates! He is more than happy to turn a “I might get ______” into an “Oh no! I have _______!”

Always be careful with the words you speak, and I encourage you to be particularly vigilant when it comes to seasonal illnesses!

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