My God (Faith Poem)

My God

Is more than strong

More than great

More than loving

More than kind


Words cannot

Adequately describe

The greatness

Of my God


I listen for His voice

And He speaks to me

No matter where I am,

He is my guide


Light and life

He gives to me

And when I’m dealing

With overwhelming strife,

He sets me free

A Little Silence

You may have noticed that I have not posted on my blog for about two days now. I took a little break, and have decided that I will be slowing down my posting rate a bit going forward. In the beginning, it worked to post a topic and a poem every day, but now that my blog is established, I think a little silence here and there wouldn’t be remiss.

Here is a poem to go along with this update. I hope you will enjoy it!


Moving forward

The path

May not look the same

But I will write

Truth and life

And call out

The same Name

Coffee Thought 1/26/2020

The devil is very much real, and he is the enemy of every Christian. His agenda is to destroy you -physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But it is also important for you to know that God is very much real, and He desires for you to be healed– physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Spend some time thinking about the areas of your life that the devil has been tearing down, and pray over them. Your Heavenly Father always hears you, and He will give you direction.

Long-Term Bad Habits

If you are trying to break a bad habit that you have struggled with for a long time, know that you can lean upon the Lord. You can talk to Him about what your are feeling and what you need help with. He can give you revelation to help you move in a new direction and strength, patience, peace, and encouragement!

When you are walking out a bad habit, you are like a tree growing in the shade. However, if you determine to work with the Lord to change your life, you begin growing in the direction of the sun (the Lord). Just as the sun gives a tree what it needs to live, the Lord will also supply for all your needs.

Fear (Faith Poem)

Fear comes to destroy

It comes to confuse

It comes to harm

But the love of God



Fighting fear

Can feel like

Holding an umbrella

Over an ocean



The Lord will help

Silence your fears

He will help

Only love

Reach your ears


There is nothing

In this world

Of which

You need be afraid


Look to the Lord

Seek His aid


He is close to you

He holds you in His hands

Sand (Faith Poem)

Standing on top

Of a grand mountain

I look down


What I see

Puts my problems

In perspective


If God can move

The mountain

On which I



He can

Hand-in-hand with me

Brush away my every problem

And every stumbling block

As if they were sand