Can Someone be “Fated” to Go to Hell?

I have heard it said that some people just aren’t going to make it into heaven, so you shouldn’t waste too much of your time on certain individuals. It made me feel a profound sense of horror down to the deepest depths of my soul. Once the shock wore off, I could think more objectively about the topic.

If people walk around believing that some individuals are just “fated” to go to hell, they carry with them a convenient excuse to give up on those who are having a difficult time receiving the gospel. I know that would get the devil’s stamp of approval, but I can’t believe the Lord would approve. I could understand if I received a specific revelation from the Lord about someone and was told (by the Lord) that I am wasting my efforts on (spiritually) deaf ears, but that is the only situation I could stand behind.

We, without specific revelation from the Lord, have no clue whether or not the person we may be ministering to will receive the gospel or not! What if we gave up on someone we (not the Lord) saw as a “lost cause” and the person later endured years and years of darkness and emotional turmoil before another person would try (and succeed through proper spirit-led diligence) to point that person in the direction of the Lord?

In short, I do not put much stock in the “some people are just fated to go to hell” approach, and I will personally do my very best (working with the Holy Spirit of course) to lead people to the Lord. I will not say someone is unsaveable based purely on empirical evidence! Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and rose to life again to save all of mankind! I want as much of mankind celebrating with me in heaven as possible!

Christmas (Faith Poem)

Oh day so bright

Near the close of this year


When we celebrate the light

And great joy replaces our fear


We remember the holy sight

When God came so near


A little babe, at a time just right

Was born of a virgin here


Let us hope to hold the might

Of the event so dear

With us throughout the rest of the next year

Merry Christmas!

I am so sorry that I was unable to send out a Christmas Eve message! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and got at least some sleep last night!

Christmas is finally here! It is a time to celebrate all of the wonderful things that we have in our lives – with the most emphasis upon the Lord Jesus.

Because the Lord sent His one and only Son to be born on this earth and to be sacrificed here as well, we can all walk closely with the Lord throughout our lives and enter into heaven when our time on earth is done. All we have to do is believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He was sacrificed so that we may be healed and made righteous in the eyes of the Lord!

Here are two of the pictures I took at a Christmas Eve candlelight service. They were a beautiful reminder that we shine brighter when we are with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Merry Christmas, blessings, and a special thank you to all of my followers! I am so happy that you are enjoying my posts, and I look forward to any comments and questions you may have!

And to all of those who are visiting my blog, merry Christmas, welcome, and I hope you will join my growing blog community!

Should We Fear God’s Judgement?

Perhaps you have heard about God striking people down with lightening or using some other form of terrible punishment to keep people in line. Maybe you have been frightened by some of the stories of God’s judgement in the Bible (specifically in the Old Testament). Well, I have good news! You do not have to fear God’s judgement!

When Jesus died for our sins on the cross and came back to life three days later, the New Covenant was created. Under the Old Covenant (as evidenced in the Old Testament), we had to perform in order to earn God’s favor and entrance into heaven. Under the New Covenant, all of the punishment we could ever deserve was taken out on Jesus, so all God ever feels toward us is love and peace.

Whenever we sin or go against God, He does not see our sin or mistake, he sees us as righteous because of the blood of Jesus that was shed for our sins. So no matter what we do, and no matter how far we run- we will never face God’s judgement. We may experience His loving correction (because our behavior can grieve His heart and because he wants us to be safe, happy, and prosperous), but it will never take the form of harmful punishment. Everything He does for us He does out of love and care, never anger or vengeance.

You are Loved (Faith Poem)

You may not think

That you can be loved

But even at the brink

Of a chasm in your life

You have the love of God


You may believe

That you have fallen too far for love

But there is no distance you can go

That will change the heart

Of the Lord above


You may feel

That your sins in repetition

Will make God only feel disappointed in you

But the truth is,

God’s love is without condition!

Don’t Fight Alone

Discounting the influences of other people for the present moment, Christians have two distracting influences that they must actively defend against: the devil, and one’s own flesh (your “flesh” is a term for your worldly raw humanity).

These two influences can be particularly troublesome if you do not have a close walk with the Lord. Both will try to lead you down paths that may feel right in the moment but will eventually end in pain and disappointment.

Here are some of the things that you can do to defend against the influences of your flesh and the enemy…

(♦) Read the Bible. (Recommended sections included below)

—Read about how Jesus lived

—Read about how we, as children of God, are instructed to live.

(♦) Keep in close communication with the Lord

—If you can talk with the Lord and/or Holy Spirit, keep it up!

—If you are unsure of how you can communicate with the Lord, check out my post “Hearing the Father and Holy Spirit”.

(♦) Create a positive, godly atmosphere.

—Christian people

—Christian music

—Christian videos

—Christian Devotions

—Christian blogs 😉

Thoughts? Questions? Please comment!

Rest (Faith Poem)

It seems as though

We never move fast enough

We put on our show

No matter how rough


It’s hard to take even a second

To pause and rest

We are always beckoned

To do something

And we are forever stressed


But, we need to slow our pace

And give ourselves a break

God will make sure we run our race

When we join up with Him,

What a team we make!

Confiding in the Lord

Sometimes we can have so much going on in out minds that trying to keep all of out thoughts contained can cause us significant stress. If you have people you can talk to that is great, but sharing your thoughts with the Lord can be very simple and extremely beneficial. Being able to talk with the Lord is particularly nice when you are struggling with thoughts that you know are ridiculous but you just can’t seem to shake. Give these crazy thoughts to God. He will understand, and He won’t judge you.

If you don’t t know how to hear a response from the Lord yet, don’t worry. It will come, and, in the meantime, confiding in your Heavenly Father to release yourself from your mental burdens and to stay close to Him is perfectly fine! The Lord will appreciate any and all of your attempts to grow your relationship with Him.