Should We Fear God’s Judgement?

Perhaps you have heard about God striking people down with lightening or using some other form of terrible punishment to keep people in line. Maybe you have been frightened by some of the stories of God’s judgement in the Bible (specifically in the Old Testament). Well, I have good news! You do not have to fear God’s judgement!

When Jesus died for our sins on the cross and came back to life three days later, the New Covenant was created. Under the Old Covenant (as evidenced in the Old Testament), we had to perform in order to earn God’s favor and entrance into heaven. Under the New Covenant, all of the punishment we could ever deserve was taken out on Jesus, so all God ever feels toward us is love and peace.

Whenever we sin or go against God, He does not see our sin or mistake, he sees us as righteous because of the blood of Jesus that was shed for our sins. So no matter what we do, and no matter how far we run- we will never face God’s judgement. We may experience His loving correction (because our behavior can grieve His heart and because he wants us to be safe, happy, and prosperous), but it will never take the form of harmful punishment. Everything He does for us He does out of love and care, never anger or vengeance.

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