Don’t Fight Alone

Discounting the influences of other people for the present moment, Christians have two distracting influences that they must actively defend against: the devil, and one’s own flesh (your “flesh” is a term for your worldly raw humanity).

These two influences can be particularly troublesome if you do not have a close walk with the Lord. Both will try to lead you down paths that may feel right in the moment but will eventually end in pain and disappointment.

Here are some of the things that you can do to defend against the influences of your flesh and the enemy…

(♦) Read the Bible. (Recommended sections included below)

—Read about how Jesus lived

—Read about how we, as children of God, are instructed to live.

(♦) Keep in close communication with the Lord

—If you can talk with the Lord and/or Holy Spirit, keep it up!

—If you are unsure of how you can communicate with the Lord, check out my post “Hearing the Father and Holy Spirit”.

(♦) Create a positive, godly atmosphere.

—Christian people

—Christian music

—Christian videos

—Christian Devotions

—Christian blogs 😉

Thoughts? Questions? Please comment!

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