Confrontation Approached with Humility

Your feelings are hurt, rage is burning in your chest, angry words want to rush out, and you are not quite sure if your balled fists will remain at your sides. Sound familiar? Perhaps you experience a slightly less dramatic reaction when you perceive that you have been wronged, but everyone has their worldly raw humanity that demands its piece of flesh when a confrontation is on the horizon.

One of the hardest things to do is to humble yourself when you are filled with “righteous rage”. However, you will (more often than not) be responsible for at least a small portion of a problem that has led to a confrontation. It is wise to be humble and to take responsibility for the part you played (no matter how trivial) at the start of a confrontation. You want to wash the blood off of your hands before you criticize someone else!

Coming to a confrontation with a humble heart sets up a good foundation for a satisfactory resolution to the problem, clears your conscience, and is in line with what our Heavenly Father would expect from us.

I can’t promise that it will be painless (or even that it will work out well), but it is best that you go into any confrontation with a humble heart.

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