Watch Out! The Devil’s Trickery can be Mimicry!

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I [Jesus] came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.” (John 10:10)

The Devil is a a thief and our enemy. He doesn’t play fair.

One of the most dangerous tools in his arsenal is mimicry.

When we give him the power, the devil can create “miracles”, “heal” people, and much more! He will do this because he can get you to work with him while you think you are walking closely with God!

The ways we can give the devil power include being prideful, by praying things that would hurt others (aka witchcraft prayers), by holding bitterness and forgiveness in our hearts, and by worshiping false idols.

These things are very difficult to avoid, and they can make you especially susceptible to the devil’s trickery.

Here is a (fictional) story example:

Lina was baptized and born again at her church. Not long afterwards, she began praying for her friends and family members, and she saw many of them healed from long-term illnesses. Lina was ecstatic! She could hardly believe what she was seeing! Soon, people started coming to her and asking for her to heal them. She prayed for those who came to her, and she saw even more healings take place! Once she even saw someone’s hand grow back! As Lina continued pouring her time into her healing ministry, she stopped attending church, let her bible collect dust, and forgot to take time to talk to the Lord. Little did Lina know, once she left God behind and put all of her faith into herself, the devil began working the “healing” miracles. Actually, he was just taking away the sickness that he had given the people who came to Lina. Lina’s heart gradually became closed to the Lord and His voice. But Lina had a friend, Sam, who was concerned that she was being deceived and lead away from the Lord. Sam interceded for Lina’s soul one afternoon, and that same afternoon, Lina heard the Lord’s voice for the first time in a long time. Tears welled up in her eyes as she fell to her knees. She recommitted herself to her Heavenly Father then and there, and she now travels to churches all over the world to warn her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ of the danger of the devil’s mimicry.

The ending to Lina’s story is similar to what I hope for all who encounter the Devil’s trickery, but not all will be that fortunate.

Stay close to the Lord, and the devil will have no power.

RememberThe devil’s trickery can be mimicry!

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