The Power of Your Words

IMG-1364When we speak, we shape our reality.

God spoke the world into being, and we were created in the image of God. We are speaking beings.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

Throughout the day, we are always speaking. But are we really aware of what we are saying? Some simple phrases that just roll off the tongue-almost without any thought on our part- can be very powerful.

It is vitally important that we speak good things over ourselves. Even when you are feeling under the weather, I encourage you to refrain from saying that you are sick or you have “___________”. Instead, say what you want to to see manifest! When you are running short on funds, do not declare that you are “poor” or something similar, declare that you are expecting the Lord to provide mightily for you! The enemy would love the chance to grant your negative confessions, and the Lord eagerly awaits your positive confessions!

When speaking about others, it is important to give them and their circumstances similar consideration!

Here is a really tricky one. Even if you did not “mean” something you said, you still said it. In the spiritual realm, the words we speak are taken at face-value. So please beware of the phrases, “this is to die for”, “I can never”, or the like.

Speak what you want to see in your life, and attempt to avoid negative phrases as if every one of them will come true!

(If you have been experiencing muteness- whether “permanent” or temporary-please check out the “Supernatural Healing” page on this blog! Your Heavenly Father wants you to have your voice and so do I!)

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