Knowing the Truth

IMG-1326.jpgDo you know God’s truth?

As believers, we need to make God’s truth our truth. If we do, we can live the lives that God destined for us to live. We cannot rely upon our what we see, feel, and hear to find God’s truth. The enemy is out to deceive us, and our fleshly desires often land us in more trouble than good.

The two reliable sources we have for finding God’s truth is the Bible and the Father. Both reveal that there are many good things that are available to us as children of the Most High God. For example, if you are struggling with a physical infirmity or mental hindrance, and you make God’s truth your truth, you can declare that ALL of your sicknesses,diseases, physical/mental handicaps, and more were all healed when Jesus bore his stripes on the cross. Once you declare this (or any of the promises God makes to His children), your life WILL change to reflect what it should. The lies of the enemy (which, if you can believe it, do include sicknesses and diseases) will break as your words release spiritual power!

I encourage you to dig deep into the Word and practice hearing from the Lord to learn about all of the promises that should be coming to fruition in your life!


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